Deep-Ti produces the Nylon Brush and Bristle Brush which are
 made by importing 612 nylon and unions 20-40% silicon carbide
 wiredrawing. The characteristic has the pliability、metal
 fatigued、 chemical and heat resistance heat abilities and
 the strong rigidity and low hygroscopic advantages as well.
 These brushes are strong abrasion brush and widely used in
 before PCB process、 post-processing and stainless plate
 polishing works. Cleaning used bush is widely applies in LCD
 and surface glass cleaning.
  Good Abrasion Ability:with carbonized silicone sand and
  resisting chemical additive
  Good Leveling Ability:smooth and high accuracy surface
  Good Acid-Resistance :strict silicon carbonization processing
  Good in water resistant, oil resistant, thermostable,
  chemical bearing
  Low Hygroscopic
  Cleaning Before Dry Film
  Cleaning Before Solder Resist Printing
  Press Plate Cleaning