Deep-Ti International Company owns research and development

 technicality, in view of the different demand, to create and
 produce the radiating、laminated and folio shape products to
 cope with users request.
 These products are within proper hardness and abrasion ability,
 they are suitable and make good use of in two-side, the multiply
 flat grinding、golden finger brush (edge connector gilding
 abrasion)、eliminate the resin on pressed steel plate and
 stainless liked materials surface polishing process. The product
 can be used longer than the similar products.
  The Good Abrasion Strength: after abrasive surface of special
  fabric gives a good scope to work.
  Surface Abrasion:good effect to the leveling、cleaning and
  Perfect Scratches:good and suitable for the ultra thin、
  high density and the multi-layered lined board.
  Special Fabric:good water resistant、oil resistant、
  heat resistance.


  Elimination Resin Abrasion: in Surface level (Build-up).
  Superficies Abrasion:permanent receptacle (electro
  conductibility、insulation ability) .
  Half Solidification Resin and Blackening Epithelium Abrasion:
  removes the TVH foundation plate surface.
  Elimination Abrasion: Electroplating remnant copper pellet.
  After Drill Hole Abrasion.
  Before Membrane Pasted Abrasion.
  Stainless Pressed Board Abrasion.
  Superficial Leveling Abrasion.